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    Rodney Carrington - Dear Penis


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    Location : Bulgaria,Plovdiv
    Registration date : 07.12.2007

    default Rodney Carrington - Dear Penis

    Писане  zay4e on Чет Фев 26, 2009 12:41 am


    Rodney Carrington - (OFFICIAL) Dear Penis

    Dear Penis,
    I don't think I like anymore,
    You used to watch me shave,
    Now all u do is stare at the floor.
    Oh dear Penis,
    I don't like you anymore.

    It used to be u and me,
    A paper towel, and a dirty magazine,
    That's all we needed to get by.
    Now it seems things have changed,
    I think that your the one to blame.
    Dear Penis,
    I don't like u anymore.

    Now he sings,

    Dear Rodney,
    I don't think I like u anymore,
    'Cause when u get to drinkin'
    You put me places I've never been before.
    Dear Rodney,
    I dont like u anymore.

    Why can't we just get a grip,
    On our man to hand relationship.
    Come to terms with truly how we feel.
    If we put our heads together,
    We'd just stay home forever,
    Dear Penis,
    I think I like you after all.

    Oh and Rodney,
    While yer shavin',
    Shave my balls


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